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 Margaret Tully career coach

Welcome! I'm Margaret Tully, Life Coach

My goal is to ignite your soul so that you will experience more joy than ever before! Do you want to increase your passion, faith, energy, vitality, love and wealth?

I'm here to make you rich.

Being rich is not merely financial! I am talking about a life rich with Confidence, Creativity and Compassion! If you are looking to create an extraordinary life then you are in the right place...

That is because I am part life coach, wellness coach, career coach, with award winning actress and director thrown in for good measure.

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Born in London of Irish parents I grew up loving and understanding the importance of family and friends. A perfect day would include songs, stories and lots of laughter. It surprised nobody when I found my way into theatre through The Old Vic Youth Theatre. As an actress and dancer I travelled all over the US and England. As a dancer I enjoyed working with the very best in the world. I was awestruck by the discipline and passion of the dancer and I learnt by imitation. Hindsight gives you 20/20 vision and it is very clear what I learned, looking back. At the time even though I had achieved success I was not satisfied. My life has been adventurous to say the least, with my education awarding me many degrees. I have always been hungry for knowledge. My early career allowed me to travel and perform. My academic career finally kicked off when I was 37 and I embarked on my BA in Film & Drama at Reading University. A teaching degree followed and then a Masters. I was then called to teach as I wanted a life where I could experience contribution and growth on a daily basis. Teaching fulfils my need to contribute and I love being able to help people find their path, whatever that may be!

I encourage everyone to dream big; create a vision and write it down, and implement a strategy for achieving measurable results.

From my time in Las Vegas to England's National Theatre, with a spell in the corporate world, I am living proof that life is a wonderful tapestry of opportunities waiting to show up when you are ready and open to receive them.

I am a perfect example of how limiting beliefs can prevent you from finding fulfilment even when you achieve your goals and appear to be living your dream. Through Life Coaching and in particular working on limiting beliefs, I have learnt to recognise what is holding us back and how to replace confusion and conflict, with clarity, vision and purpose creating certainty, energy and vitality. This has not only helped me on my path to create a business and life I love but also fills me with deep satisfaction and gratitude. I now enjoy a life where I make a difference, add value and allow my spirit to soar. I believe everybody can have a life where they have absolute certainty they are on the right path and know what deep satisfaction and fulfilment feels like!

Margaret Tully can help you find financial freedom

If you are ready to thrive creatively, ignite your passion and watch your spirit soar then book your free consultation.

Through Life Coaching you will learn how to identify limiting beliefs, understand and identify your core values and goals and understand how conflict between the two causes fear, anxiety and sabotage. Through working in this way you will learn how to cultivate an attitude of success with clarity and optimism. So give yourself permission to move into a lifestyle of abundance and be comfortable enough to stay there and enjoy it! Why don't you make the first move today in Designing your Future and Living your Dream!!

What is the key? Join me in either a series of one to one coaching sessions to discover how to bring balance, clarity and fulfilment into your everyday and business life. Or sign up to one of the workshops where we look at all areas of your life and examine limiting beliefs, value systems and goals. You will identify areas of conflict that could be holding you back.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour and some style. Maya Angelou

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Of course, I'm no sage from the stage. I never pretend to have all the answers and I make my fair share of mistakes.

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I'm living and learning and to do it with confidence, creativity and compassion. Now don't expect perfect polish but please do expect to be encouraged, entertained and shifted into a new place of fun and discovery.