What People Are Saying About Margaret Tully as a Life Coach


The most useful parts of the coaching sessions were; the one on one cheerleading I received from Margaret. She was very motivational and inspirational, she was very positive, making me believe I could reach my goals. I have battled depression on and off most of my life and had a lot of trouble getting motivated and setting goals. Margaret broke things down for me to make positive changes in my lifestyle, including diet, exercise and finances.

She helped me set reasonable goals and attain them thus pushing me to set larger and higher goals now and in the future. I am encouraged by what I have already attained, and want to keep challenging myself to always be better. I would give Margaret 10/10 for satisfaction. The only thing that could have improved the situation would have been not being on opposite sides of the world with a huge time difference, but even so was the most wonderful encouraging season despite those setbacks. I would definitely recommend Margaret to anyone needing a life coach? I honestly can't think of anything else that could have been done to make the experience better.

Jo - home school teacher - Las Vegas


Margaret has been an instrumental part of my development as a woman, citizen of the world and artist. Her spiritual, straight talking and motivational approach has allowed me to take, what has been a very overwhelming time in my life and turn it around. She has equipped me with skills to manage both my professional and personal life with ease and confidence.

Each week we reflect on what has occurred for me and we dissect every intention and goal, putting the emphasis on the best way to achieve my goals without allowing the pressures and woes of life derail my progress. I feel so powerful and ready for anything that this world has to offer me, and this new found sense of strength I owe so much to Margaret and her unrelenting commitment to her work.

Somalia - Actress & Writer - London


Occasionally I find life slightly overwhelming and confusing. With the work that Margret did with me I gained clarity and a deep understanding of my situation at present, why I'm where I am and how to move my life on. The work was so valuable and came at a time I really needed a little guidance and clarity.

Margaret has great perception, is flexible and methodical in her approach, very encouraging, positive and I believe her work makes a real change if you’re willing to do the thinking and action.

Gavin - Actor and theatre practitioner - London


I really benefited from setting goals to work towards. Having smaller targets were very helpful for me as I tend to need deadlines to work to. I also found learning about the core values and financial freedom very useful.

The main thing I wanted to work on when I asked for life coaching, was my confidence, and I definitely feel ten times better in that area of my life - the way I see myself, my life, and where I am going. I would give Margaret’s coaching 10 out of 10 for satisfaction. I have recommended Margaret to my friends.

Naomi - Actress - London


Margaret provided me with many useful strategies to overcome the barriers that were stopping me from moving forward with my goals and aspirations. I had certain goals when I started the sessions but found that by the end of them I had extended my goals and aspirations because Margaret enabled me to realise I could actually achieve much more. I would give Margaret 10/10 for coaching satisfaction. I am very happy with the coaching experience that Margaret provided she is knowledgeable and full of inspiring vitality. I think it’s important for clients to find a coach who is compatible. I would say that I found the right fit with Margaret. I will recommend Margaret to anyone who wants to benefit from coaching.

Deepa - Life Coach - London


Margaret was easy to talk to, she listened to me carefully and then helped me to organise all the jumbled up ideas I had in my mind in order to help me move forward with my life after a difficult few years. She helped me to see and understand things from a fresh perspective which made acceptance and progression a more easier and enjoyable task than I had anticipated. She brought to the forefront and categorised which aspects of my life were most and least important in order of meeting my needs, this introduced clarity for me which enabled me to implement changes in my life that have brought about a marked improvement to where I was before I started my sessions with her. I realised that things don't have to be so complex, and that understanding coupled with simplicity was the key to positive change. It was important to me that I remained in complete control of the changes that I needed to make, that I remained 100% myself, and my skepticism of taking part in life-coaching faded as Margaret helped me to realise and remind me of the strength and courage that I had.

Shelley (Recruitment Consultant)

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